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African Lion
Class & Order : 哺乳綱食肉目
Chinese name : 非洲獅
English name : African Lion
Scientific name : Panthera leo
Classification : Carnivore
Feeding Habit : 哺乳動物


Reproductive Periodicity


Characteristics and Habits

非洲獅分布於非洲、伊朗及印度等地,是唯一群居的晨昏型大型貓科動物。由少隻成年公獅帶領多隻母獅及小獅子一起生活,以尿液或抓地的痕跡來標示領域。 獅子的眼睛對會動的東西很敏感,能很遠就察覺獵物,由於沒有長途追擊的耐力,多採伏擊方式狩獵,圍成扇形圈住獵物,切斷逃跑路線。狩獵、警戒及育幼都由母獅負責,但公獅先享用捕獲的獵物。 Due to their loud roar and mighty posture, the African lion is known as the king of the beasts. Living in a group, and the female are responsible for hunting and raising the baby lions. Their eyes are very sensitive to moving objects, so they can locate prey from far away. Lions have no endurance to run, but they sneak attack their prey instead.