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Crested Porcupine
Class & Order : 哺乳綱齧齒目
Chinese name : 冠豪豬
English name : Crested Porcupine
Scientific name : Hystrix cristata
Classification : Omnivore
Feeding Habit : 雜食性,以多種動植物及昆蟲為食。


Reproductive Periodicity


Characteristics and Habits

冠豪豬分布於非洲及部分歐洲地區,是晨昏型群居性動物。善於挖掘且嗅覺極佳。名字雖然有豬,但在分類學上和老鼠比較接近,為囓齒目成員。 冠豪豬又有草原清潔夫之稱,牠們啃食獅子、禿鷹吃剩的獸骨來磨門牙並補充鈣質。受威脅時會將刺毛豎起,以倒退方式攻擊敵人,刺戳入敵人皮肉後會自冠豪豬身上脫離。新生豪豬有短軟的刺毛,約10天後就會變硬。 The crested porcupine has sharp quills all over its body that make it feared by many carnivores. It is covered from head to back with hollow black and white quills that can be up to 35cm in length. These quills are controlled by muscles, when in danger, it will rattle the quills to make noise to frighten the enemy. If threatened further, it will back into the aggressor and shoots the quills as weapons. Although the crested porcupines have sharp quills all over the top of their body, the abdomen are soft as their weak spot.