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Class & Order : 哺乳綱偶蹄目
Chinese name : 河馬
English name : Hippopotamus
Scientific name : Hippopotamus amphibius
Classification : Herbivore
Feeding Habit : 以草為主食,也吃水草


Reproductive Periodicity


Characteristics and Habits

河馬分布於非洲中南部,是群居性動物,也是組織嚴密的母性社會。白天大多泡在水裡,潛水約4~5分鐘會浮出水面換氣。長相可愛但性格暴躁且攻擊性強,體重平均約1500公斤,跑步時速可達40公里,是非洲最危險的動物之一。 河馬沒有汗腺,上岸時會分泌紅色黏液來保護皮膚過於乾燥。牠們會邊走路邊排下大小便,然後用尾巴把糞便撥向四周來標示路徑及領域。 With cute looking, hippopotamus is actually one of the most dangerous animals in Africa. It has a bad temper and strong offensive, so do not get too close to them. It spends most of a day in the water and come out for food during the night. Without sweat glands, it secrete a red mucus to prevent the skin from getting too dry while ashore.