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African Elephant
Class & Order : 哺乳綱長鼻目
Chinese name : 非洲象
English name : African Elephant
Scientific name : Loxodonta africana
Classification : Herbivore
Feeding Habit : 以草、樹皮、樹葉、嫩枝、根、果實等為食


Reproductive Periodicity


Characteristics and Habits

非洲象分布於非洲,是陸上最大最重、也被認為是最危險的動物之一。日行性群居動物,由一隻母象率領數隻母象及小象,公象12~16歲時會離群獨居或加入組織鬆散的公象群。 公母非洲象都有象牙,牠們會用靈活的象鼻在身上噴泥沙以防蚊蟲叮咬。多數時間都在採集食物,60%的食物會變成糞便,成象每天約排出35公斤的糞,象糞纖維量很高,可用來製作燃料或造紙。 The African elephant is the biggest, heaviest and most dangerous land animal in the world. A herd usually consists of a group of females and baby elephants lead by a female elephant. Both sexes of African elephant have ivory tusks, and their ears are twice as big as the Asian elephant's. Elephants are very smart, and can become very good at understanding humans when trained. 60% of the food that they eat becomes fecal material, which can be used to make paper and as burning material.