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Class & Order : 鳥綱鶴鴕目
Chinese name : 鴯鶓
English name : Emu
Scientific name : Dromaius novaehollandiae
Classification : Bird
Feeding Habit : 以植物及果實等為主食,偶爾也吃昆蟲


Reproductive Periodicity


Characteristics and Habits

鴯鶓的名字Emu是模擬牠們的叫聲而來,是現存世上除了鴕鳥以外最大的鳥類。僅分布於澳大利亞,為了適應奔跑有三根腳趾,有一對不會飛行的小翅膀,衝刺時時速可達50公里,喜歡獨居。 鴯鶓喜歡雨水,能感受天氣的輕微轉變,尤其是雲跟雷,在澳洲民間傳說中,鴯鶓能預知哪裡會下雨。牠們也是游泳健將,天熱時會伸出舌頭喘氣,通過肺部蒸發水份來降溫。 The emu is named after the sound they make. It is smaller than the ostrich, and can be found all over Australia. It has three toes, runs fast and lives alone, and will go wherever there are plants and water. They are very sensitive to clouds and thunder, so Australians say emus can predict the weather. The eggs of the emu are dark green. The males are responsible for hatching. During the 8-week hatching period, the father depends only water and its body fat to live on.