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Class & Order : 哺乳綱奇蹄目
Chinese name : 家驢
English name : Donkey
Scientific name : Equus asinus
Classification : Herbivore
Feeding Habit : 草食性,以草、嫩葉、野果等為食


Reproductive Periodicity

Characteristics and Habits

家驢的野生祖先是非洲野驢,是奇蹄目的成員。背部毛色是灰色或棕色,腹部為白色,鬃毛長而細,多有白色眼圈,尾巴末端蓬鬆,蹄又長又窄,讓牠們在凹凸不平的石礫地上走得更穩。 走的速度雖較慢,但卻比馬耐旱,對於水的需求也不大,即使在酷熱或是食物不足的情況下仍可工作,是不可或缺的重要駝獸,為人類工作至少有5000年歷史。 The donkey's wild ancestor is the African wild donkey. They have white around their eyes and their hooves are long and narrow, which allows them to walk more stably on uneven grounds. The donkey has been used as a working animal for at least 5000 years due to its ability to work under harsh environments.