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Spectacled Caiman
綱目 : 爬蟲綱鱷目
中文名稱 : 眼鏡凱門鱷
英文名稱 : Spectacled Caiman
學名 : Caiman crocodilus
分類 : Amphibian
食性 : 魚類、兩棲類、爬蟲類、哺乳類、鳥類、節肢動物、軟體動物、甲殼動物





眼鏡凱門鱷分布於中南美洲,因眼球前端有一條橫骨就像眼鏡架而得名。 用偷襲的方式獵食,有時會驅趕魚類到淺水處捕食。利用濕土及植物作巢穴,藉巢中植物發酵產生的熱能來穩定孵卵溫度,31℃以下會孵出公鱷,32℃以上會孵出母鱷。雛鱷孵化後會發出叫聲,母鱷會挖開巢穴將雛鱷啣到淺水中,並照料小鱷一段時間,在爬蟲類中十分獨特。 The spectacled caiman's common name comes from a bony ridge between the eyes that resemble a pair of spectacles. They use nests to insulate their eggs from extreme temperature changes. When the temperature is under 31℃, it becomes male, and when it is over 32℃, it becomes female. The spectacled caiman can grow up to 2.5 meters in length. Baby crocodiles call out after hatching, and the mother will dig the nest and carry the babies to the water. Such kind of protective behavior is very unique in reptiles.