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White-handed Gibbon
Class & Order : 哺乳綱靈長目
Chinese name : 白手長臂猿
English name : White-handed Gibbon
Scientific name : Hylobate Lar
Classification : Primate
Feeding Habit : 雜食性,以水果、樹葉、花苞、果實、昆蟲、鳥蛋等為食


Reproductive Periodicity


Characteristics and Habits

白手長臂猿分布於中國西南部、緬甸、寮國、泰國、馬來半島和印尼的蘇門答臘島。是日行性樹棲動物,以家庭為單位群居。利用雙臂在樹枝間行動,在地面行走時得高舉雙手。毛色為黑色或褐色,手掌和腳掌為白色,臉的周圍有一圈白毛。 長臂猿很怕水,領域性很強,會用唱歌的方式來宣示領域或聯絡感情。小長臂猿在8歲左右會被逐出家門。 The white-handed gibbons spend most of their time in trees. They always raise their hands up when walking on the ground, which makes them look funny. However, they move totally differently when they are in trees. Both father and mother raise their baby together until the baby is about 8 years old. A distinctive feature of the white-handed gibbon is their loud and clear voice, which they use to sing in the early morning.