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African Spurred Tortoise
Class & Order : 爬蟲綱龜鱉目
Chinese name : 蘇卡達象龜
English name : African Spurred Tortoise
Scientific name : Geochelone sulcata
Classification : Amphibian
Feeding Habit : 草食性,以多肉植物為主食,並以此獲取水份


Reproductive Periodicity


Characteristics and Habits

加拉巴哥象龜、亞達伯拉象龜、蘇卡達象龜是世界三大陸龜,蘇卡達象龜體型排第三,分布於非洲。 以高纖維植物為主食來攝取足夠的水份,背甲前後緣為鋸齒狀,前肢鱗片大而重疊。公龜有成對且格外突出的咽盾,某些公龜的緣盾會明顯捲曲。清晨及黃昏開始活動,太熱時會把較冷的泥沙潑在殼上並分泌大量唾液,把唾液塗在前腳上降溫。 The African spurred tortoise has brown shell. Some of the males have an obvious curl on the edge of the shell. Living in desert, it mostly acts in the early morning or evening to avoid the sun and high temperatures during the day. It absorb most of the water through high-fiber plants. The African spurred tortoise is very strong and highly active.