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Stump-tailed Macaque
Class & Order : 哺乳綱靈長目
Chinese name : 截尾獼猴(胭脂猴)
English name : Stump-tailed Macaque
Scientific name : Macaca arctoides
Classification : Primate
Feeding Habit : 果實、嫩葉、蛋、昆蟲


Reproductive Periodicity


Characteristics and Habits

截尾獼猴是體型較大的獼猴,分布於中國南部及東南亞,是日行性群居動物。尾巴短且幾乎無毛,臉部為暗紅色,故又稱胭脂猴。 在野外受氣候和植物物候期影響,有明顯的季節性遷移現象。因棲息地喪失及狩獵而面臨威脅,在中國武夷山自然保護區可見到較多猴群。尾巴下垂代表害怕、捲起代表興奮、伸直代表宣告領導地位,向夥伴表現友善時會發出coco聲。 The stumped-tailed macaque is larger of its kind. Its short tail has almost no fur and its face is dark red in color. The macaque hangs its tail low to show fear, curled up to show excitement, and extend straight to show dominance. It will make the "coco" sound to show friendliness to others.