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One-humped Camel
Class & Order : 哺乳綱偶蹄目
Chinese name : 單峰駱駝 Dromedary Camel,One-humped Camel
English name : One-humped Camel
Scientific name : Camelus dromedarius
Classification : Herbivore
Feeding Habit : 以沙漠中的植物為食,也會吃一般動物難以下嚥的高鹽分植物。飢餓的狀況下會吃肉。


Reproductive Periodicity


Characteristics and Habits

單峰駱駝分布於北非洲和西亞洲、印度等熱帶地區,又稱阿拉伯駱駝,是大型偶蹄動物。胃內有很多儲水囊,一次可喝100公升的水,所以被稱為沙漠之舟,駝峰用來儲存脂肪,靠水跟脂肪能耐饑渴。 毛短,比雙峰駱駝高,睫毛很長、雙層眼瞼、鼻孔可關閉、耳朵裡的細毛都可防風沙。負重可達180公斤,目前的單峰駱駝都是家畜。 The one-humped camel is also called the Arabian camel. It has many water-storing sacs in its stomach and can drink 100 liters of water at a time. The humps are actually reservoirs of fatty tissue to prevent hunger and thirst. The one-humped camel has short fur and is taller than the two-humped camel. It has long eyelashes, two layers of eyelids, and can close their nostrils. They also have hair in their ears that prevent sand from entering.