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Q1 How much are the admission tickets to enter the zoo?
A1 The fee for an adult ticket is NT$40, while the discount ticket is NT$20. Groups comprising over 20 people shall be given a discount of 20% on admission tickets.

@Students of national elementary and secondary schools in Kaohsiung City shall be given 50% discount on event tickets. (Please write to apply for these tickets to the Tourism Bureau of Kaohsiung City Government.)

Q2 What should I do if I lose something at the zoo?
A2 Please contact the Visitor Center using telephone stating the name, brand, color and other details of the lost item along with contact information. The Visitor Center will broadcast and assist with the search. If the lost item is not found, make sure your contact information is recorded for future notification.
Q3 What should I do if I find something at the zoo?
A3 You can turn in the item to the Visitor Center and fill out related information or an anonymous record.
Q4 Can I re-enter the park after exiting?
A4 Yes, visitors who want to come back on the same day can leave with seal stamped on their hand at the zoo entrance, and will need to show it to the service staff upon re-entry.
Q5 Can I buy a discount ticket or enjoy free entry?
A5 Visitors including children aged above 6 years old and below 12 years old, as well as students who hold a student card can purchase discount tickets. Free Admission: (with certification)

@Preschool children

@Elderly persons aged above 65 years old with proof of identity

@Disabled persons who hold a disability card, along with one necessary companion of the disabled person

@Residents of Gushan District with relevant identification documents

@Low-income households in this city with relevant identification documents

@Tourist guides who hold a tour guide license issued by the Tourism Bureau

@Citizens of Kaohsiung City who hold a Honorable Citizen of Kaohsiung City card

@Volunteers who hold a volunteer service honor card

@Privileged members of the Mackay Program (who hold an Alien Permanent Res

Q6 How to get to the zoo and where can I park?

(1)By MRT: Head to Exit No. 4 at Yanchengpu MRT Station, and walk to the bus stop in front of Hua Nan Bank. Then, take City Bus No. 56 to get to the zoo.

(2)By Bus: City Bus No. 56 to Shoushan Zoo departs from Kaohsiung Railway Station → Yanchengpu MRT Station → Zoo → Yanchengpu MRT Station → Kaohsiung Railway Station.

(3)By Car: Freeway → Zhongzheng Interchange → Zhongzheng 4th Road → Dagong Road → Gushan 1st Road → Shoushan Zoo entrance → Wanshou Road → Shoushan Zoo.

(4)Parking Information: 246 parking spaces for passenger cars and 26 parking spaces for scooters are available 300 meters from the zoo entrance. The parking fees for a passenger car are NT$ 30 per entry on weekdays and NT$15 per 30 minutes on weekends. The parking fees for a scooter are NT$ 10 per entry on both weekdays and weekends.

Q7 Are strollers and wheelchairs available?
A7 Strollers (for children weighing under 18 kg) and wheelchairs can be rented for free. Submit your identification document (e.g. identity card, driver's license or national health insurance card) or pay a deposit of NT$ 1,000 and fill out the record book to rent the equipment. Rented equipment must be returned by 4.50 p.m.
Q8 Why aren't pets allowed in the zoo?
A8 Firstly, it is to prevent pets from entering the animal area and getting attacked by wild animals at the zoo. In addition, it is to prevent epidemics caused by spread of diseases among animals, which may affect the health of animals at the zoo. Therefore, with a view to protecting the safety of your pets and health of animals at the zoo, visitors are kindly advised to show support and cooperation. Visitors are also kindly requested not to bring their pets into the zoo and place their pets in handbags and bring them into the zoo.
Q9 How can I apply for a guided tour at the zoo?
A9 Click “Online Reservation” → Click the Reservation Item dropdown menu and select “Application for Zoo Guided Tour”→ If the date shows “Available”, click on it and fill out the reservation form. If the date does not show “Available”, it means that reservations for guided tour on that day is already full.
Q10 What are the rules for visitors while visiting the zoo?

◎Not pets are allowed into the zoo.

◎No weapons or dangerous items are allowed into the zoo.

◎Do not put plastic bags, paper cups, beverage cans, food bags and other similar items in the animal display area. It is to prevent animals from mistaking such items for food, thus causing the animals to get sick or die.

◎Do not tease or hurt animals with sticks, stones or iron-made tool, or pound the railings or display windows with improper actions, or even scream to disturb the animals.

◎Smoking is not allowed on grounds at the zoo.

◎Do not ride bicycles, toddler tricycles, gliders and roller skates upon entering the zoo.

Q11 When is the zoo open?
A11 9:00 a.m.-5:00 p.m. daily (Ticket sale ends at 4.30 p.m.)。Closed on Mondays and Lunar New Year's eve. The zoo is open as usual if Monday coincides with a national holiday.
Q12 Where is the zoo located? What is the address of the zoo?
A12 Our zoo is located in Gushan District, Kaohsiung city, near Shoushan National Nature Park. Our address is No. 350, Wanshou Road, Gushan District, Kaohsiung City.
Q13 Is smoking prohibited at the zoo?
A13 Smoking is not allowed on grounds at the zoo.According to the smoking law, violators will be fined the maximum NT$ 10,000.
Q14 Does the zoo offer temporary deposit services?
A14 Lockers are available in the Visitor Center and beside the Interpretation Education Center. NT$ 10 is required for using a locker, and NT$ 10 will be returned to you after removing your items from the locker. If you have big luggage bags that cannot be kept in a locker, you can place your luggage bags at the Visitor Center.
Q15 Are guide dogs allowed into the zoo?
A15 Article 60 of the People with Disabilities Rights Protection Act stipulates that “people with visual, auditory, and physical disabilities accompanied by qualified guide dogs, hearing dogs, or mobility assistance dogs or training personnel bringing young guide dogs, young hearing dogs, and young mobility assistance dogs during training are allowed to enter public areas, public buildings, business places, public transports and other public facilities freely.”
Q16 How can I apply to become a volunteer at the zoo?
A16 Go to our official website and visit the Voluntary Service page → Click “Join as a Volunteer”.
Q17 Is feeding experience at the Children's Ranch open for group reservation? When is the feeding time?
A17 At present, the Children's Ranch is not yet open for group reservation. Visitors are required to queue up for feeding experience until all the forage grass have been given out. The feeding time is 10:00 - 11:00 in the morning and 14:00 - 15:00 in the afternoon.