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Zoo Train

The brand new Shoushan Zoo Little Train (the Zebra train and Tiger train) officially runs tomorrow (March 19)!

Choo Choo! Follow me on a journey to explore fun and excitement

  • Retro train platform which provides visitors with a resting area.
  • Driven by electricity which protects the environment and creates zero noise and pollution.
  • The trains move together as a whole with their bodies decorated with super lovely 3D animal images.
  • The trains have passed safety inspection of amusement park machinery and facilities.
  • Brand new voice navigation system which shows information on animals while riding on the train.

To show our gratitude to everyone for supporting the zoo and serve even more visitors, the zoo has launched a special price of NT$ 30 per person (original price is NT$ 50 per person) for a train ride, thereby providing visitors with another easy way to explore the zoo!