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Visiting Information

◎9:00 a.m.-5:00 p.m. daily (Ticket sale ends at 4.30 p.m.).

◎Closed on Mondays and Lunar New Year’s eve. The zoo is open as usual if Monday coincides with a national holiday.

(Night visit: Opening hours are extended to 20:00 every Saturday from July 1, 2017 to August 27, 2017. Admission tickets have to be purchased before 19:30.)

City Bus No. 56 to Shoushan Zoo
Bus Schedule

1. Departs from Kaohsiung Railway Station → Yanchengpu MRT Station → Zoo → Yanchengpu MRT Station → Kaohsiung Railway Station

2. Taking bus from Yanchengpu MRT Station: Head to Exit No. 4 and walk to Hua Nan Bank along Wufu 4th Road to take the bus

3. Departure Time

08:30 to 17:30 daily, with one bus every half an hour on weekdays and every 15 to 20 minutes on weekdays (No bus every Monday as the zoo is closed)

Departure time for Bus No. 56 shall be extended to the night when the opening hours of the zoo is extended to the night. The last bus will depart from the zoo entrance at 8.30 p.m. The public is welcome to use this service.

No. 219
Bus Schedule

Jiachang Station ←→ Jiachang Road ←→ Houchang Road ←→ Zuonan Road ←→ Zuoying Avenue ←→ Gushan Administration Center ←→ Dagong Road ←→ Yancheng Circle Station

Alight the bus at Gushan Administration Center, then walk along Wanshou Road. You will reach the zoo after passing by Yuanheng Temple, Wanshou Mountain Bridge and the zoo parking area.

Driving Directions from Other Cities and Counties
Provincial Highway

Provincial Highway No. 1 (Minzu Road) → Jiuru 4th Road → Hua’an Street → Gushan 3rd Road → Wanshou Road (Yuanheng Temple) → Wanshou Mountain Bridge → Shoushan Zoo


Freeway → Jiuru Interchange Freeway → Zhongzheng Interchange → Zhongzheng 4th Road → Dagong Road → Gushan 1st Road → Wanshou Zoo Entrance → Wanshou Road → Wanshou Zoo

Parking Information

There are 245 parking spaces for cars and 26 for motorcycles 300 meters from the zoo entrance.

Parking fees for cars are $30 NTD on the weekdays, $15 NTD every 30 minutes on the weekends. $10 NTD per entry for motorcycles.

Shuttle Bus

Free Shoushan Zoo shuttle stop is located near the carpark entrance.

There is a shuttle every 10 minutes between 10:00-12:00, 13:00-16:00 on the weekends and public holidays, not available during weekdays.

Adults Ticket

NT$ 40

Discount Ticket

NT$ 20 (with certification)

  • Children over 6 years old
  • School students with student ID
Group Ticket

Groups of 20 people or more: 20% discount.

Event Ticket
  • Students of national elementary and secondary schools in Kaohsiung City shall be given 50% discount on event tickets (Please write and apply for these tickets to Tourism Bureau of Kaohsiung City Government.)
  • Students of national elementary and secondary schools in regions south from Taichung and the Eastern region (Hualien and Taitung) shall be given 30% discount on event tickets (Please write and apply for these tickets to the Tourism Bureau of Kaohsiung City Government.)
Free Admission(with certification)
  • Preschool children
  • Elderly persons aged above 65 years old with proof of identity
  • Disabled persons who hold a disability card, along with one necessary companion of the disabled person
  • Residents of Gushan District with relevant identification documents
  • Low-income households in this city with relevant identification documents
  • Tourist guides who hold a tour guide license issued by the Tourism Bureau
  • Citizens of Kaohsiung City who hold a Honorable Citizen of Kaohsiung City card
  • Volunteers who hold a volunteer service honor card
  • Privileged members of the Mackay Program (who hold an Alien Permanent Resident Certificate which indicates the words “Domestic Public Transportation and Public Sports and Recreational Facilities Privileges”)
Visitor Notice

No pets are allowed into the zoo.

No weapons or dangerous items are allowed into the zoo.

Feeding the animals is not allowed.

Do not put plastic bags, paper cups, beverage cans, food bags and other similar items in the animal display area. It is to prevent animals from mistaking such items for food, thus causing the animals to get sick or die.

Do not tease or hurt animals with sticks, stones or iron-made tool, or pound the railings or display windows with improper actions, or even scream to disturb the animals.

Smoking is not allowed on grounds at the zoo.

Do not ride bicycles, toddler tricycles, gliders and roller skates upon entering the zoo.

Notice on Visiting the Children’s Ranch

1. Opening hours for feeding experience (feeding is suspended on rainy days):Tuesdays to Sundays: 10:00 - 11:00 in the morning and 14:00 - 15:00 in the afternoon. Limited amount of forage grass is available while stocks last.

2. During the feeding experience activity, please follow the instructions of the narrator so that the safety of the animals is not affected.

3. To keep the animals healthy, limited amount of forage grass and food is provided daily to visitors for feeding the animals.

4. Animals and plants in the zoo are intended for educational purposes only. Do not remove them from the zoo.

5. When taking photos of the animals, please use natural light instead of flash on your camera to avoid scaring the animals.

6. Do not feed the animals with your own food in order to keep them healthy.

(According to the Animal Protection Act, a person who harasses, abuses and harms an animal can be fined over NT$ 10,000 and under NT$ 50,000.)