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Animal Experience

Booking is required for some of the camps and special events.

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Lots of fun are provided at the Shoushan Zoo, such as feeding the adorable Boer goats, family activities on holidays, and food vlogs of the animals.

If you are interested in learning more about Shoushan Zoo, the zoo camps and educational events carefully organized by the zoo are highly recommended.


Kid's Farm-Boer goat feeding

Every Tuesday to Sunday at 10 a.m. and 2 p.m.,

a small supply of grass is distributed free of charge to feed the adorable Boer goats.

No reservation is required for the event. Come quickly while the supply lasts.

Follow the instructions of event staff and applicable rules.

Do not feed the animals with anything other than the distributed animal feeds.


Special events

Family-focused or ecology-experiencing events are provided for holidays, such as Chinese New Year and children’s Day, and they are popular for children and adults as well.

There are market fairs or street performances on holidays from time to time and the animal food vlogs are an extremely popular viewing experience.

You may get lucky to walk into a holiday food festival, such as Valintine Day dinner, Chinese New Year Eve feast and summer vacation picnic.


Environmental education and animal camps

Interested in learning more about the Shoushan Zoo?

The zoo prepares camps, environmental education activities, ecological experiences, and night camping and these fun events are designed just for you

An interactive learning space environment is created to inspire parents and children to grow together and see a different Shoushan Zoo.