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Services and Shop

Visitor service

Shoushan Zoo provides many convenient services to visitors at the service center at the zoo entrance, such as public addressing and facility rental. In addition, there are a nursing room, a water plaza, and the Zoo Zoo Bus to give you and your family a pleasant day at the zoo.


ZOO ZOO BUS, the electric tour bus circling the Shoushan Zoo, is provided with guided tour of the zoo. The stations and buses come with cute animal figurines, making them a hot spot for taking photos. The electric bus is energy-saving with no noise pollution, perfect for observing natural animal ecology.

  • Tour time: 15 minutes per trip. On weekdays, the bus departs when it is full. On holidays, the bus departs every 20 minutes.
  • Business hours: 09:20 to 16:20
  • Bus fare: NT$ 60/person
  • Hand-carried infants under 2 years old are free of charge, and children under 120 cm must be accompanied by an adult.

Water Plaza

The water plaza is an outdoor space for some water fun.

It comes with brand-new water facilities, allowing families and visitors of all ages to cool off in a hot day.

The plaza is closed on Thursday morning for regular cleaning and maintenance.

  • Service Center

    The service center at the zoo entrance provides public addressing service, first aid, valet taxis, strollers, wheelchairs and monkey-proof backpack rentals.

  • Nursing Room

    The nursing room is next to the service center and provided with 3 safe and private nursing compartments with power plugs, changing table and hot water supply. There is also a refrigerator for breast milk storage, a sink and garbage bin.

  • Restroom

    There are 6 restrooms in the zoo, located next to the service center, water plaza, Lion House, Black Bear Hill, Parrots Paradise and Light Is Café.

Food and merchandize

Visitors get to enjoy a meal and shopping fun at the Shoushan Zoo. Tasty foods are available at the Light Is Café and Bird Kitchen. Zoo Zoo food and shop and the White House offer gifts and souvenirs to choose from. Come with your family and friends for a great holiday at the zoo.

This is the hot zone for macaque monkey presence. It is advised against eating while walking.

圖片資訊 照片提供:Light Is Café


Light Is Café

This was the home of chimpanzees but is now surrounded by greenery and light from a different angle of "observation".

Pasta, brunch, coffee, soft drinks and light snacks are served in the indoor seating area, and there is a souvenir shop as well for the wonderful memories in the zoo that you bring home with.


Selected co-branded products

There are co-branded products and lovely trinkets featuring the zoo available around the campus, such as badges, bags and clothing.


There are also fun snacks, such as Guaiguai, Pure Home, milk packs and snack noodle, to go home with.


How to rent a zoon venue

The water plaza and outer ring road are available for rental for event venue. All are welcome to come to the zoo for charity events involving social education and culture, children or youth recreational activities, animal protection and ecological conservation.
  • How to apply

    Please call first to confirm the rental date. An application form and the event plan shall be prepared and submitted to Kaohsiung City Government Tourism Bureau 30 days prior to the event date.

    Rules for zoo venue usage management
  • Payment

    Once the application is approved, a venue usage and a security deposit shall be paid according to the zoo’s charging criteria within 7 days upon the notification of the zoo.

  • Call for rental

    For any question about venue rental, please call the following number:

    Ext. 519